Meet the Fishing Cat

Fishing Cat from Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium (Photo/Karen Povey)

Prionailurus viverrinus

Status: Globally endangered
Weight: 13 – 26 lbs
Size: Body length 30 –34 inches, tail length 10-13 inches
Lifespan: Documented up to 12 years in captivity
Did You Know: The fishing cat, with its webbed paws, water-proof fur, and ability to use
its flat tail like a rudder, is the best swimmer of all cats. To catch prey it will either wait
silently by the water’ s edge and scoop prey with its long claws, or dive after prey.
Diet: Fish, frogs, water insects, snakes, crabs, crayfish, rodents and birds. They have also
been observed scavenging on larger animal carcasses.
Population: Less than 10,000 worldwide
Population Trend: Declining. More than 50 percent of fishing cats have disappeared in
the last 18 years.
Range: Bangladesh; Bhutan; Cambodia; India; Indonesia (Java); Lao People’s
Democratic Republic; Myanmar; Nepal; Sri Lanka; Thailand; Viet Nam
Reproduction: One to four kittens are born after a gestation period of 63 days. Kittens
grow fast and are weaned at 4-6 months. They reach independence at ten months.
Top Threats: Habitat loss, revenge killing, bush meat hunting and the medicinal trade.

One Response to “Meet the Fishing Cat”
  1. The fishing cat is a “real cool cat” !

    Catfish Jack

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