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Thanks for rising to the occasion pledgers!

Thanks everybody for participating in our little sock pledge-a-thon! We went through those five pairs even faster than we had hoped. I’ll be sure to let you know if we do anything like that again. We are only $2,227 away from our Kickstarter goal! You are the ones who will make this succeed. We’re going … Continue reading

Make a pledge and keep your feet warm

CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE PLEDGE PAGE. Make your pledge right away and get a pair of these eco-friendly, high-performance socks. The pledge will warm your heart, and the socks will keep your toes feeling cozy. We only have five pairs to give away right now. An update will let you know when they’re gone, … Continue reading

Why fishing cats can be good for your wallet and your health

  When you’ve got mice in your house, or worse yet, rats, what do you do? “You get a cat,” says ecologist Namfon Cutter.   Domesticated cats have long proven their worth when it comes to managing pest species in homes and farms around the world. Sometimes, they are too good at their predatory instinct, … Continue reading