Feline Friday: Check out Cat Conservation

We are excited to announce that we are now supported by Cat Conservation. Cat Conservation is a place for all cat lovers.  Seriously – you can see marbled cats, stunning servals, the rusty-spotted cat, chinese mountain cats and many more beautiful, wild and endangered species of cats on the Cat Conservation Facebook Page.    Cat … Continue reading

Daily Cuteness: See an Adorable Fishing Cat Kitten!

Last night we had the pleasure of Skyping with Barbara Palmer, a carnivore keeper at the San Francisco Zoo. Barbara is truly passionate about educating the public about the fishing cat, and often spends time speaking with zoo-goers explaining why the fishing cat is so unique and mysterious.  She’s hand raised a litter of fishing cat … Continue reading

First Photo of Fishing Cat with Baby in the Wild

The Secret Lives of Fishing Cats Our resident fishing cat biologist friend, Namfon Cutter, was kind enough to give us permission to share her first-ever photo of a mama fishing cat with kitten in the wild. This is a rarely witnessed event! With CAT in WATER, we are hoping to add to these efforts by … Continue reading

Holga Accomplished!

Thanks to all those who participated in our Holga photo series promo! Each of our recipients will get a five photo series named after them. We’ll send them the negatives along with our favorite print from the bunch once we get back from the expedition. We look forward to some happy Thailand travel snapping and … Continue reading