Daily Cuteness: See an Adorable Fishing Cat Kitten!

Last night we had the pleasure of Skyping with Barbara Palmer, a carnivore keeper at the San Francisco Zoo. Barbara is truly passionate about educating the public about the fishing cat, and often spends time speaking with zoo-goers explaining why the fishing cat is so unique and mysterious.  She’s hand raised a litter of fishing cat kittens for the zoo, and is currently hoping that one of her hand-reared cats – “Goldfish” will fall for  “Kiet” a young male fishing cat on loan from the Cincinnati Zoo.  Here are two adorable photos of the San Francisco Zoo fishing cats.  The first photo is of Goldfish as a kitten and the second photo is of Angelfish, who move to the San Antonio Zoo to meet her boyfriend. Feel free to  say  “ahhh” now!

This little kitten is already trying to fish! Take a look between the kitten’s paw – do you see the webbing between each toe? This is one of the unique adaptations of the fishing cat.

Below is an image of one of the San Francisco Zoo cats entering the water with a look of intense concentration.  The fishing cat’s fur is extremely thick and dense, this is an adaptation that may help keep the cat warm even while fishing in cool water or hunting in the dense shady undergrowth of the jungle.

Thanks for the great photos Barbara! We will be sharing more of our conversation in the days to come, so check back soon!

4 Responses to “Daily Cuteness: See an Adorable Fishing Cat Kitten!”
  1. drksolest says:

    GREAT photo’s! What a magnificent cat!

  2. maya says:

    That’s interesting the San Francisco zoo has fishing cats. What do they feed them?

    • catinwater says:

      Yes – there are about 11 zoos in the U.S. that have fishing cats! The San Francisco Zoo feeds the cats a varied diet of 4 different types of fish, rabbits, mice and other similar foods!

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