A Thai-tastic Party Time!

This past Thursday we threw a Thai-style party to celebrate our success on Kickstarter and share our thanks with local CAT in WATER supporters and friends.  Whole Foods generously pitched in to help us prepare this Thai-worthy feast complete with a signature drink, Thai iced tea, red Thai curry, Kettle Thai barbecue chips, Asian rice crackers, ginger snaps and … Continue reading

Camera Traps Capture the Secret Lives of Animals

Photo from the SiWild collection. Smithsonian We’re big fans of technology that ups our chances of seeing a rare creature and lessens the impacts of doing so. That’s why we love camera traps. Camera traps can capture rare animal images in a way that is much more intimate and true to their behavior in the … Continue reading

Dark Side of the Lens – the Beauty of the Photographer

Photo a screenshot from “Dark Side of the Lens” by Astray Films Whether you risk broken bones and hypothermia to document surfing or capture images of elusive animals in extreme environments, this video by Astray Films beautifully shows you why we do what we do as photographers and journalists. The imagery is just drop dead … Continue reading

Fishing Cats prefer Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men

Obsession for fishing cats

If you want to pull at the olfactory heartstrings of a fishing cat, only one perfume will do — Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men. Spray a little of that in a fishing cat’s enclosure, and they’ll make like Pepé Le Pew to whatever’s been dowsed. “The perfume has often been used to help enrich a … Continue reading