Communication from a Fishing Cat’s Perspective

The Fishing Cat’s distinctive bark is like nothing else I have ever heard.  

Barbara Palmer, a carnivore keeper at the San Francisco Zoo, shared this recording with us. The two cats you are about to hear are Sunfish and Goldfish, (remember that cutie of a kitten with her webbed toes splayed in the tank of water? Yup that’s Goldfish.) Both these guys were hand-reared at the zoo to help give them a better chance at surviving.

Now, we know you’ve already played the game to guess a fishing cat from a host of other animal sounds, (check it out here), but this recording gives you some different vocalizations these wild felines can make. Listen in on their conversation, and wonder along with us at what exactly they are communicating to each other!

Listen by clicking HERE!

One Response to “Communication from a Fishing Cat’s Perspective”
  1. foodtable says:

    Very cool animals! I was searching everything for this cat’s bark and did not find it on youtube. Thank you so much for posting this here! 🙂

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