“The Beach” – We’re going there.

“But for me it’s all about finding out something about a place, and something about yourself. And when you get off the beaten track, that’s where you find out what there is to find out.” Leonardo DiCaprio as Richard in “The Beach.”

The fishing cat probably has no idea that it lives within the forests of cinema legends. “The Beach,” a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio as a 20-something traveler in possession of a mysterious map to tropical paradise, takes place in Thailand, including bits of fishing cat habitat. (More on that further down). In fact, Thailand has prided itself on being cinema-friendly. Our Lonely Planet guide says that Thailand is now actively promoting itself as a film location for foreign filmmakers. Which of your favorite movies have been filmed there? Check out this list.

OK, so back to DiCaprio yumminess and fishing cat country. The movie “The Beach” was filmed in several jungle/beach locations in Thailand. One of these locations is near Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park where much of our fishing cat documentation will take place.

Though from what we hear from researchers on the ground, we won’t be tromping around in swimsuits like Leo does in the movie, rather we’ll be stomping around in wellies, mosquito nets, and copious amounts of sunscreen as we search for the fishing cat. Stay tuned for a glimpse of our field fashion.

One Response to ““The Beach” – We’re going there.”
  1. Mr. Guilt says:

    If you look at DiCaprio’s twitter feed, you’ll see that he’s a big advocate for tiger conservation.

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