A Thai-tastic Party Time!

This past Thursday we threw a Thai-style party to celebrate our success on Kickstarter and share our thanks with local CAT in WATER supporters and friends.  Whole Foods generously pitched in to help us prepare this Thai-worthy feast complete with a signature drink, Thai iced tea, red Thai curry, Kettle Thai barbecue chips, Asian rice crackers, ginger snaps and more. Thanks Whole Foods you made our party a whole lot tastier!

I feel that I should clarify here – Mo did most of the cooking and I did most of the eating! Hey, I did open a bag of chips at one point, and I vaguely remember mixing something on the stove in between bites of ginger snaps.  In case you weren’t able to swing by I thought it would be fun to share Mo’s magic Thai red curry recipe and my ginger snap recipe. Neither take that much time to make and both are delicious. We were able to prepare everything here using delicious organic ingredients from Whole Foods and using basic stock items in our kitchens.

Hope you have fun preparing your own Thai feast, and thanks to everyone who stopped by. It was great to see you and say “thanks” in person.

Mo’s Thai Red Curry (makes enough sauce for 12-15 people)

One 4 oz. Jar Thai Red Curry Paste

2 Cans Organic Coconut Milk

4 Tbsp fish sauce

3 Cloves Chopped Garlic

2 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 Packet Organic Basil

1 Bundle of Organic Green onions

3 Organic Green Bell Peppers

1 Can Bamboo Shoots

Organic Mushrooms to Your Heart’s Content

(Suggested addition: Add a dash of cayenne for extra spice)

Heat up the curry paste, olive oil and garlic over medium heat for a few minutes. Then add coconut milk and cayenne. Let simmer and stir occasionally while you heat up the veggies. Add the veggies once they’re ready.

Grill some chicken or tofu separately, and put it all together with rice and serve! Yum.

Chez Panisse Ginger Snaps

Even though these aren’t officially Thai cookies, the ginger flavor goes well with Thai ingredients and the recipe is sweet and simple. This recipe makes 40 cookies. These are absolutely delicious and you most likely have all the ingredients you need in your pantry and fridge — especially since the main ingredient is B-U-T-T-E-R. If you like your cookies to puff up a bit, put the dough in the fridge for 20-30 minutes. Head over to David Lebovitz’s food blog for the Ginger Snap Recipe from “The Art of Simple Food”. Enjoy!


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