The fishing cat girls are on vacation

You may have noticed our radio silence the past couple weeks. We’ve both been on the road and out of contact much of the trip. Don’t worry though. Fishing cats are still very much on our minds, and we’ll have lots of goodies for you when we return, July 1. Mo even got to visit … Continue reading

Required Viewing

Environmental documentaries often tend to be serene – beautiful images, lovely music, a detached viewer experience – are you still with me? These documentaries serve a purpose, but they don’t show the grit of the matter. The fishing cat (as we’ve mentioned before) has been described as “full of piss and vinegar.” We want our … Continue reading

Newsmaker Fishing Cats

“Do da-do-do-do ditty ditty da-do-do.” (I know we’re not that good with our fake news music.) This just in. The fishing cats (and even our project !) have been making the media airwaves recently. Take a gander at these stories worth a look. Bangladesh’s The Daily Star has a somewhat sobering commentary on the destructive … Continue reading

Fishing Cat CSI: A Chicken Who dunnit

The invader sneaks into the chicken coop in the stealth of night. As hens snooze, occasional cooing sounds escape from scattered perches as they dream of pecking at the ground. Little do the birds suspect an outside presence until one disappears in a frenzy of feathers and panicked clucking. Anyone who’s raised chickens can attest … Continue reading