Newsmaker Fishing Cats

“Do da-do-do-do ditty ditty da-do-do.”

(I know we’re not that good with our fake news music.)

This just in. The fishing cats (and even our project !) have been making the media airwaves recently. Take a gander at these stories worth a look.

Bangladesh’s The Daily Star has a somewhat sobering commentary on the destructive arm mankind is waving at their local wildlife with reports on revenge killings of fishing cats and other wildlife conflicts. Check out The Daily Star’s Wildlife in jeopardy story.

Birds of Keoladeo

Birds of Keoladeo bird sanctuary, India (J.M. Garg)

In happier news, a fishing cat was spotted at the Keoladeo bird sanctuary in India, confirming the endangered species’s existence there. Read about the celebri-kitty sneak peak in The Times of India story, Rare cat, antelope sighted in state sanctuaries.

And lastly, we send a purr-meow out to High Country News for writing a nice post about our project in their May 30 issue. And if you’re in Paonia, Colorado, June 10, you might even want to swing by their chili BBQ for some good food and even better company. Very cool!

We want to thank our twitter buddy @aspenparkland for sending us the upbeat story about fishing cats discovered in a new area of India. To all our fishing cat fans out there, don’t hesitate to send us news. We especially love getting those updates from you.

One Response to “Newsmaker Fishing Cats”
  1. Christopher says:

    Revenge killings of fishing cats–that’s really messed up.

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