CAT in WATER has a flickr stream!

Wild Wonders_CatinWater_11Wild Wonders_CatinWaterWild Wonders_CatinWater_3Wild Wonders_CatinWater_9Wild Wonders_CatinWater_6Wild Wonders_CatinWater_1
Wild Wonders_CatinWater_8Wild Wonders_CatinWater_07Wild Wonders_CatinWater_2Wild Wonders_CatinWater_5Wild Wonders_CatinWater_4Wild Wonders_CatinWater_10

Wild Wonders, a set on Flickr.

Everybody loves photos, and we’ve set up a CAT in WATER flickr stream on our blog.

Our first set is from Mo’s recent visit to the WILD WONDERS Outdoor Theater at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Washington. The home of Sushi the fishing cat! You might remember Sushi from our CAT in WATER project video on Kickstarter. He’s the handsome cat featured diving and splashing about.

Well, thanks to our CAT in WATER friend Karen Povey (the coordinator of the Clouded Leopard Project), Mo got to meet Sushi and some of his pals in the show. As you can tell from the photos, Sushi is not as cheerful as some of the other guys, but I think he still grudgingly liked us. He stayed out watching us and walked around to check us out whenever we were near.

Enjoy the flickr show, filled with sloths and aardvarks, a friendly beaver, some gorgeoso clouded leopards and of course Sushi. We got your back Sushi!

Via Flickr:
Photos from the CAT in WATER team as they search for the elusive fishing cat.


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