The fishing cat shares six travel tips you didn’t know about Thailand

Wat Chai Watthanaram, Ayutthaya Historical Park, central Thailand.

It’s easy to find the travel do’s and don’ts for going just about anywhere, but sometimes chatting with the folks who go before you can yield tips you wouldn’t otherwise think of.

We’ve talked with a few friends, including a couple fishing cat caretakers who gave us their best Thai travel advice. Though don’t limit yourself to Thailand. Much of what follows could apply to just about any foreign jaunt.

Pack Kleenex, lots and lots of Kleenex. A lot of places in rural Thailand don’t supply toilet paper. To us that sounded like a quick way to get left in a stinky situation. To solve the problem, rather than lugging bulky rolls of toilet paper around, just make sure to always carry a little packet of tissues in your pocket…or purse…or camera bag. Heck just pack it in everything.

Silk sleeping bag liners aren’t just for sleeping bags. Word on the street is that in Thailand, westerners can often be faced with just a comforter on a mattress. I guess that’s what they think we like. But this may leave you boiling under covers, or left bare to the mosquitoes and other elements. So one of our fishing cat friends recommends traveling with a silk sleeping bag liner to keep you cool and protected while catching your zzz’s.

Skip the overnight bus. Lots of folks will opt for the cheap and speedy overnight buses to get from one part of Thailand to another. All the better to make the most of your limited travel time right? Maybe, but it’s at your own risk, says journalist Karen Coates, who frequently reports from Cambodia and Thailand. You up your chances of being hurt or killed in an accidents from overnight buses, she says. Drivers wanting to make more money push themselves to the limits, taking drugs to deal with the long hours. You’re probably better off traveling during the day. Plus then you can at least see the cool scenery in between.

Ladies pack a one piece swimsuit. If you will be visiting non-resort beaches this is more inline with Thai culture. You may even see locals swimming in full garb. Check out this cute one piece swimsuit on sale from Anthropologie for $30!

Slip on shoes are a must. It’s customary to take your shoes off upon entering any structure with images of the buddah or the king

Keep an eye out for a yellow Rolls Royce. The king drives around in it!
The fishing cat will likely have some more Thai travel advice coming up, but this should have you well on your way to traveling like a pro!

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