The Fishing Cat Index: Thailand By the Numbers

We’re heading to Thailand to look for fishing cats, but we’re also trying to learn a little something about the country they live in. We’ve got a fun little crash course by the numbers for you in case you want to get the lowdown on Thailand too, or maybe just learn some fantastico cocktail trivia to impress your mates.

Number of times Thailand, which means “Land of the Free,” has been colonized by a Western power since it’s traditional founding in 1238: 0

Percentage of Thai’s that are Buddhist: 95 

 Percentage of Thai’s that practice  Theravada Buddhism – an ancient form of Buddhism which focuses on mental development though meditation: 90 

Number of military coups from  1932-1991: 17

Number of years King Bhumibol (Rama IX) has ruled: 66

Year the most recent Thai constitution was adopted: 2007

Years the Kingdom of Ayutthaya survived before it was brought down by invading Burmese armies: 400 

Year Siam became Thailand: 1938

Number of provinces in Thailand: 77

Number of people living in Bangkok: 9,668,854

Years of free compulsory education: 9

Number of people that can fit in a tuk-tuk comfortably: 3

Percentage of labor force employed in agriculture: 40

Number of People’s Power Party leaders to have a televised cooking show: 1

Number of shrimp called for in Food Network Pad Thai recipe: 12

Tons of black tiger prawns Thailand sent abroad in 1994: 250,000 

Number of fishing cats in the world: 10,000

This information is from the following highly recommended resources: Lonely Planet Thailand, the Cambridge History of Southeast Asia,, TED Case Studies Thailand Shrimp Farming and the US State Department website.

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