Wildlife Camera Trap Test: Nerds in Headlamps

You’ve seen us blog a few times now about the coolness of camera traps for photographing wildlife. Well now, we are officially getting into the game with a camera trap that will hopefully help us capture candid photos of endangered fishing cats in Thailand. The idea of camera traps is a lot easier than putting … Continue reading

How to still sleep soundly when mosquitoes abound

Mosquito bites, and all the nasties they carry are a big concern with us here at CAT in WATER. So we enlisted the expertise of Joanna’s dog, Baker, to demonstrate how to stay protected from mosquitoes while catching your zzzs. We’re using the REI bug hut 1 pro shelter (retails for $49.90). There are plenty … Continue reading

Essential media expedition gear guide (Part 1)

Step 1: Click image to enlarge Step 2: Click new image to zoom in again Step 3: Use scroll bars to navigate around As we move into the final prep stages of CAT in WATER, we thought it would be fun to break down what goes into packing for a multimedia expedition. Jo and I … Continue reading

Thailand Flood Update and Resources: UPDATED Nov. 1st

UPDATE Nov. 1st: Efforts to keep the inner most part of the capital dry appear to be working, but not without costs. Bangkok Officials have to choose who Stays Dry in Floods New York Times Thai flood may spare inner Bangkok Bloomberg UPDATE OCT. 28th: Bangkok braces for “the perfect storm” which could raise flood water … Continue reading