Dole destroying fishing cat habitat to grow bananas in national park

Google Earth image modified by

Google Earth satellite images show that Dole is illegally growing bananas inside Somawathiya National Park, home to endangered fishing cats in Sri Lanka. Dole has previously been accused of destroying land in the national park and denied any such activity, according to the story. reports the coordinates of the plantation were obtained from an anonymous source who is close to the issue. These coordinates were overlaid on a Google Earth image and compared with information for the park boundaries.

Dole Lanka partners with the private farm LetsGrow Ltd., which has claimed the plantation is not inside park boundaries. Also according to the story, Dole is working to verify the eco snafu, but NGO Environmental Foundation Limited has presented new satellite images to Dole that show the plantation inside the national park.

If ever you wanted an easy way to help fishing cats and other endangered animals, such as the Sri Lankan elephant or rusty spotted cat, now you’ve got it. Say no to Dole!   <=== Click this link to send Dole a note that tells them to stop destroying land in Somawathiya National Park!

And maybe send them a map.

Click  Satellite imagery confirms Dole destroying national park land for bananas to read the full story on

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