Wildlife Camera Trap Test: Nerds in Headlamps

You’ve seen us blog a few times now about the coolness of camera traps for photographing wildlife. Well now, we are officially getting into the game with a camera trap that will hopefully help us capture candid photos of endangered fishing cats in Thailand.

The idea of camera traps is a lot easier than putting it into practice. Camera traps require I develop a new skill set for photography. Luckily I have a few friends who are pros at this, and some more who are willing to be a fellow guinea pig for setting up a camera trap.

Depending on your definition, it appears our first CAT in WATER go is a success, though we seem to only have capture a couple of goofballs hamming it up for the camera.

Check out the nerds and camera trap slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What you see here is DSLR set up with three off-camera flashes and a TrailMaster IR trigger.

I’ve never been tangled up in so many cords, playing the role of the techno-geek for photography before. But as you can see here, I think we’re on our way to sorting it all out. Now we’ll see how our camera trapping efforts fare when we migrate from my apartment alleyway in Boulder to the mangrove forests of Thailand.

A big CAT in WATER thank you needs to go out to our friend Ethan Welty (pictured here) not only for his technical braininess but for his ability to make an otherwise boring task into something fun. MEOW!

Here are some links to a few camera trap articles and work that we think is worth checking out.

Joe Riis camera-trapper extraordinaire

Candid Camera National Wildlife Article about photographing the wildlife of Barro California Island, Panama by Christian Ziegler

Camera Trap Codger

Steve Winter a Natural Talent

Bear Essentials Audubon Magazine Carlton Ward Jr.

First Digital Camera Traps National Geographic

Capturing the Big Cat Popular Photography article on camera trapping with George Steinmetz

How do camera traps work? by Michael “Nick” Nichols

Michael Nichols Uses Technology and Daring to Catch Animals in His Camera Trap Treehugger.com

Candid Zakouma Interactive Map by National Geographic with slideshows of camera trap setups


5 Responses to “Wildlife Camera Trap Test: Nerds in Headlamps”
  1. azleader says:

    When is your upcoming Thailand trip?

    Are the floods going to be a problem?

    • catinwater says:

      We leave Nov. 3, and so far we don’t think the floods will be too much of a problem. But we really don’t know what to expect. Please keep your fingers crossed for us and the fishing cats and all the folks over there who have to persevere through the real difficulties of this natural disaster.

  2. Hi.

    Chris Wemmer just sent me your link and it’s nice to hear that you are coming my way. I have a camera trap shot of half of a fishing cat (torso and tail) from Kaeng Krachan National Park taken many years ago and is in my slide collection somewhere, and I would be willing to share this info with you with GPS data too. I’m sure these cats are still surviving along the Phetchaburi River in the park.

    Do you know Dr Peter Cutter with WWF-Thailand and his wife Nam Fon who have done loads of camera trapping of fishing cats down in Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand?

    I do a lot of camera trapping around the country, mostly in the West and the North, and if your are interested in some of my work, check out my website: brucekekule.com…and a dedicated camera-trap site cameratrap.asia that I share with my friend Paul Thompson.

    My mobile number in Thailand is 0818137329 and please give me a call after you arrive. I hope the floods will not be a problem but the water body above Bangkok is bigger than the city itself. Good luck and hope to meet both of you when you are here.

    Best regards,
    L. Bruce Kekule
    Wildlife Photographer

    • catinwater says:

      Wow! Thank you Bruce, and we are so glad you made contact with us. Yes, we are going to spend time with Namfon when we get over there. We will be in Thailand for 46 days, and plan to get a Thai sim card. We will be in touch and pass along our number when we have it. Thank you for sending the links. Will check them out now.

  3. vincent says:

    You can add Emmanuel Rondeau in your list of great camera trap specialists ! He’s the guy who was published in the april issue of the BBC magazine with fantastic shots taken with dslr camera traps in Costa Rica.

    He’s actually finishing an ebook about the art of dslr camera traping, 40 pages full of informations, plans and pictures, great for a person who wants to make his own camera trap. Only sold on his website.

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