Children at Play (PHOTOS)

Children engulfed Morgan and put their faces in front of my lens. Suddenly “show and tell” began. Mack brought out two beta fishes in glass Fanta bottles. May unrolled a poster of Marine Fishes of Thailand. More children on bikes arrived with various precious objects to show: a sparkling baton stick, a brown duck, an … Continue reading

Fishing Cat Landscape Slideshow (PHOTOS)

Each day we tromp through fields of high grasses and morning glory covered landscapes to set up Mo’s camera trap and search for evidence of fishing cats. One day after we found fresh fishing cat prints from a mother and a kitten living in the area, bulldozers moved in scraped up the earth in preparation … Continue reading

Tall Girl

(Jo’s Perspective) I am average height for a woman in the US, but in Thailand I am a giant!  I tower above everyone I meet – men, women, children, dogs, cows, people on motorcycles and yes even buildings. I am Wonder Women in rubber rain boots, with less wonder and more hitting my head on … Continue reading

Fishing Cats are Afoot (PHOTOS)

11/17/11 – Namfon woke us with a sturdy knock and bearing two cups of organic coffee at 6 a.m. The early rise was worth it. Our first full day here, and camera traps belonging to the researchers reveal a fishing cat visitor! Our fisherman friend Lun Ow (Uncle Ow) greeted us at the research site … Continue reading