Bad Monkey

Photo by Joachim S. Müller

We aren’t the only ones who like to snack on chips.  It turns out that one mischievous Crab-eating Macaque enjoys munching on sour cream and onion chips too.

Mo and I arrived in Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park and met up with Namfon’s assistant Seepri at the park headquarters. Seepri sets up fishing cat camera traps all around the park and is very knowledgeable about the wildlife/ landscape of the area.

As we were distracted packing our giant bags into Seepri’s car, a bold monkey sneaked up and snatched our tasty snack right from under our noses.  This Crab-eating Macaque was not afraid of people at all and seemed to know how to bust open a bag of chips in seconds, while fleeing, and calling out gleefully to his monkey brethren.  He left a trail of sour cream and onion chips behind him but never looked back until safely on his rock, where he proceeded to munch happily on our chips.

Watch a video of the monkey steal our snack below:

Bad Monkey from CATinWATER on Vimeo. I was shocked. But Crab-eating Macaque’s are opportunistic omnivores that eat a varied diet of ripe fruits,insects, leaves, flowers, seeds, grass, mushrooms, invertebrates, bird eggs, sometimes crab, frogs, shrimp, octopus and as we witnessed our sour cream and onion chips. I really wish we had seen the monkey coming in time to snatch up our supplies because feeding wildlife in a national park is never a good idea and can be dangerous to both animals and humans. Consider yourself forewarned and keep your snacks hidden when in Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park!

Photo by Joachim S. Müller

Photo by Joachim S. Müller

Learn more about the Crab-eating Macaques by visiting the following links:

BBC Planet Earth Video (Shows the monkeys swiming underwater!)

Facts about the Macaques

One Response to “Bad Monkey”
  1. PW says:

    Quit torturing those monkeys!

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