World zoos help rescue wildlfe from Thai floods

Photos come courtesy of the press release.

Hi everyone! We don’t normally pst press rleases, but this one comes with a call to any organizations that might be able to help send vet supplies that will aid the workers trying to save Thailand’s wildlife from flooding.

I’ve put a few excerpts and contact info from the press release below.

Gland, Switzerland, Tuesday 15 November 2011 (WAZA): After the heavy flooding which has affected nearly the whole of Thailand since beginning of November, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) has coordinated flood relief measures within the region. To date, help is provided by Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums and additional help is being prepared by Zoos


Victoria in Melbourne, Oceans Park, Hong Kong and Malaysian zoos. Today two vets from Singapore are arriving in Bangkok, bringing urgently needed drugs and other equipment.

In order to be able to help, about 30 items, which are urgently needed, have been listed, ranging from anesthetics, to injection needles and nets for capturing snakes and crocodiles. In an unbureaucratic man
ner emergency relief action could be organized withi

tners like Thai Air for their immediate support”, says Dr Gerald Dick, Executive Director of WAZAn the wider Asian region. Two vets from Wildlife Reserves Singapore will bring drugs, an anesthetic machine and other equipment such as snake hooks and nets, and also assist their Thai colleagues on the spot to capture escaped reptiles and provide medical care. “In times of increased natural disasters, it is of utmost importance to cooperate within a global community and provide mutual support and assistance, I thank all our member zoos and other par

For more info on wildlife assistance:

Contact: Carole Lecointre – WAZA Communication, +41 22 999 07 93, Natt Haniff × WRS Corporate Communications, +65 9362 8115,


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