The Lucky Girls

Jo & Mo riding in a side car on the way to check the fishing cat camera trap

With most rumors or urban legends it is impossible to know where they originated, but with this rumor the source was clear – Uncle Al.  Lou Al A.K.A. Hercules is the weathered and kindhearted fisherman with a twinkle in his eye that befriended us and won the lottery the day Mo and I arrived.  It was not a big sum of money, but it was enough to make him believe that the two white girls from America were lucky.

Once the idea took hold it seems to have had a snowball effect and now the good people of Sam Roi Yot believe that Mo and I are lucky…charmed…good omens.  They have started calling us “The Lucky Girls.”

One morning Lou Al joined us for breakfast as did his friend who I’ll call “Sunglasses.” I’ve literally never seen “Sunglasses” eyes, and I saw him present to a room full of people …the sunglasses stayed on.

As we were nearing the end of the meal Lou Al jumped from his seat paid the entire bill and quickly hopped on his motorbike, and drove away in his army jacket and neon sandals. “Sunglasses” bought two bags of banana chips for us and did the same.  They believed we were lucky and wanted to thank us for Lou Al winning the lottery.

I was concerned.  I know luck can change like the wind.  What will happen if suddenly we are seen as bad omens?  Furthermore, neither Lou Al nor “Sunglasses” strike me as rich gentleman. I wouldn’t want them to buy us gifts at there own expense.

The next day though Lou Al gleefully set a bowl of pineapple chucks and fried sugar cane in front of me. We were still the “lucky girls.”

Driving down the road pass one of the many rural stores on the way to check our camera trap women hollered “hell-ooo” as we puttered past them, on the way back Rut pulled to a stop in front of there store.  One of the women had won the lottery.

I think Mo and I were in trouble – our lucky streak continued. The women handed us a Red Bull and cookies. I was baffled.

Morgan Heim and Joanna Nasar, CAT in WATER

Then this morning we woke up to find a bag of fried doughnuts and “the best soy milk” hanging from our door from the local DJ/radio station host.  Maybe they too think we are lucky or maybe they are just being kind, but either way I feel like we really are the luckiest girls in the world.

The kindness and thoughtfulness and the lengths with which the Thai people of Sam Roi Yot have gone to make us feel like their special guests is truly beyond measure.  Each day I am thankful.

4 Responses to “The Lucky Girls”
  1. azleader says:

    I’ve followed your daily photo safari adventures (and misadventures) with rapt attention.

    It makes for a good read.

    Perfection will be when the camera trap captures that elusive, perfect image of the water cats in their natural habitat.

    Then you will truly be… “The Lucky Girls”

    • catinwater says:

      Thanks azleader! We hope to capture that one perfect image of the fishing cat too, and share it with the world! We’ve been out in the field and the cat has investigated the equipment so hopefully in the next couple of weeks one of the fishing cats will walk through the camera trap at exactly the right moment.

  2. Dot G says:

    I’m glad to hear you to h2o cat cat gals are doing well and are ” The Lucky Girls”. That is great! It sounds like you are having quite a wonderful adventure and success too with finding the elusive fishing cats. We enjoy all your stories and photos. Be well.

    • catinwater says:

      Thanks Mom! We are having a great time. Lots of ups and downs and tests at every turn, but all good. We feel like we have a real international team giving everything they’ve got to help the fishing cats over here. Love you! Xoxo – Mo

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