Tall Girl

(Jo’s Perspective)

I am average height for a woman in the US, but in Thailand I am a giant!  I tower above everyone I meet – men, women, children, dogs, cows, people on motorcycles and yes even buildings.

I am Wonder Women in rubber rain boots, with less wonder and more hitting my head on things. If you’ve ever seen any of those old black and white films of King Kong destroying an entire city then you can understand the perspective I suddenly have acquired by traveling to this quaint Thai farming village.

In addition, to towering over everyone, I am a natural klutz. This gift of clumsiness is magnified when filming, since I am focused on my shot, not on my surroundings. This means I hit my head at least four times a day on all manner of structures from fishing huts to doorways – wonder woman indeed!

One Response to “Tall Girl”
  1. Dot G says:

    That’s SOOOOOOO funny, I’m still chuckling because I can see you doing it in my mind and hear what you would be saying too. Good thing you aren’t 5’9 like your Mom. You would probably have a broken nose or something! Ok, Wonder Woman… see, I knew very early on…. Insiders knowledge. …I’m still chuckling Ms klutz.

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