Children at Play (PHOTOS)

Children engulfed Morgan and put their faces in front of my lens.

Children and Puppy in Sam Roi Yod Thailand (Photo/Joanna Nasar, CAT in WATER)

Suddenly “show and tell” began. Mack brought out two beta fishes in glass Fanta bottles. May unrolled a poster of Marine Fishes of Thailand.

More children on bikes arrived with various precious objects to show: a sparkling baton stick, a brown duck, an orange kitten, a warm puppy, and a set of bamboo drumsticks. It was all there, surrounding me, in miniature.

I was joyful and excited to finally speak the same language as these Thai children: play.

The Thai language is a tricky language to master. For instance, the word Khao means both rice and mountain, and the word Nam means both water and thorn depending on how high or low you say the word.

Play however is an easy language that transcends age, culture and all manner of difficulties with ease.

Joanna Nasar and children in Thailand (Photo/Morgan Heim, CAT in WATER)

I clapped my hands; the children clapped their hands. I pretended to be a fish, the children pretended to be a fish. I pretended to be a fishing cat, the children pretended to be a fishing cats too. Soon, all of us were clawing the air, and baring our teeth in pretend growls.

Mo even caught some pretend fishing cats with her camera trap while testing out her equipment. I think she captured a truly magical moment (see below)!

Mo's little helpers are camera trappers in training. (Photo/Morgan Heim, CAT in WATER)

 The air vibrated with laughter and the sounds of “meows” – and then after hugs and many la-gorns or goodbyes we were off to look for real fishing cats in the countryside.

3 Responses to “Children at Play (PHOTOS)”
  1. azleader says:

    When fishing for fishing cats with your camera trap… what is the best lure?

  2. Dot G says:

    I see you gals are doing much for international relations as well, and what better place to begin than with young people. You seem to be having such fun along with your search for getting in touch with the wild elusive fishing cats. I hope you both are keeping really detailed journals and your stories for a very special documentary or publication. You could do a documentary film too about your mission with the fishing cats and the local people of Thailand and their culture. It is wonderful that some very basic things for all humans and cultures cross all language gaps and thousands of miles. Enjoy it all and write about it too. SMILES from way far away, but universal joy from home.

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