Tiger Bath

I am standing 20 feet away from a magnificent tiger named Meow.  Meow is breathtakingly beautiful, like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Meow is calm, he seems to know that these people are here to help him. I look Meow straight in the eye, and Meow blinks his yellow eyes and looks at me. Then I ask: … Continue reading

Fishing cat cubs found

Three fishing cat cubs were found in a sugar field in the Indian city of Karad taluka just before Christmas, according to a report by Daily News and Analysis. The cubs are now under the supervision where they were found, and evidence of a female fishing cat has been spotted in the area. Let’s hope … Continue reading

A Fishing Cat Christmas


Instagramming Our Last Day in Thailand (PHOTOS)

Hi All! we’re on the road, or in the skies for that matter. Almost back home after an amazing adventure. Still lots of updates, work, excitement coming from our trip, so please continue to read, watch, follow and share. This is just a quickie post of some instagram photos from our last day in Thailand, … Continue reading