Where the fishing cats weren’t, and sometimes were. (PHOTOS)

Oh camera trap. You are a high maintenance techno diva trying to photograph a cat that seems smarter than the photographer. You take an hour to get sorted. You have to find your angle and the lighting mustn’t be off, not even by the slightest.

What’s that? Flash three doesn’t want to talk to flash 2 today? You had a falling out? Flash 2 seems to be hogging the battery power. Oh I see.  And flash 1’s silica packet is falling apart.

Camera why didn’t you go on standy? Don’t you know that’s a quick way to drain your energy all while getting nothing done? Look at this. Duct tape works, and he doesn’t require any fancy bells and whistles. Why can’t you be more like him?

An old fisherman's shack now serves as a favored hangout for a fishing cat named "Rip Ear." Though on two nights, our only visitor was a rat with a palette for flash sync cords. He chewed through two. Both of which have since been mended, and are back at work. (Photo/Morgan Heim, CAT in WATER)

Oh great, what’s this with your cord flash 2? A rat came and ate it, likely story. Yes I see the teeth marks. We’ll get it  fixed and then you’ll be happy. At least the trigger works.

Wait a minute, who knocked you out of alignment? You were working fine last night, and now you’ve been triggering photos like paparazzi on crack. Except there’s nothing here. Thank you for the 300 pictures of this one landscape.

Ruj helps me get the lighting and everything else just right. This camera trap decided to take a nap, alongside a fishing cat, who spent a fair amount of his evening sleeping right next to one of the flashes. (Photo/Morgan Heim, CAT in WATER)

Don’t you dare tell me a fishing cat napped here last night, and you fell asleep on the job. You took a coffee break, you say. I haven’t had real coffee in weeks, how dare you taunt me so. The cat’s bed is clear as day. He had a jolly old time hanging out right in front of you. I want to strangle you camera trap.

It's a pretty landscape, but I didn't need 300 shots of it. The trap was fine all night, no visitors, but for some reason, at 7 a.m., it went berserk. (Photo/Morgan Heim, CAT in WATER)

I know you don’t like to be moved, but we have to. The bulldozers are coming. Don’t you hear them? The ground shakes beneath their treads.

Keep going camera trap, you diva. Show us the better side of why divas get their name. Look. I’ve got more batteries for you.

8 Responses to “Where the fishing cats weren’t, and sometimes were. (PHOTOS)”
  1. Phil says:

    Hahaha, it’s funny yet I wanna cry. Keep trying girls, when you get back we can have a camera flash bashing party.

  2. azleader says:

    Tech problems… you can’t live with them… and you never get the chance to live without them! 😉

  3. Karen says:

    I’m glad you can keep your sense of humor and persevere!

  4. Sandra Fish says:

    Ah, crap! hopefully the karma will happen! been thinking of you – and some nice guy named Philipp picked me up at the bus stop this week and drove me to my car!

  5. Clay Bolt says:

    You’ll get there! Flashes are such a pain! -Clay

  6. Christian Ziegler says:

    Hi Morgan,

    welcome to the world of camera traps….sounds like everything is normal, sorry that you got no kitty yet. I have noticed that you chose rather open areas for your trap, sometimes it pays to find a confined part of trail which channels the movement to a very specific point (you can even help that my making the trail a bit narrow with a log/branch) and then set the frame just after that area….that an patience….good luck and enjoy the yummy food…. Christian

    • catinwater says:

      Glad to know this is all normal. Thanks for the advice Christian! The camera was a choice pain in the you-know-what last night. At least now we’ve picked a spot that better fits what you described, much more confined. We’ve got heaps of tracks, now we just need a cat!

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