A Fishing Cat’s Home: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (PHOTOS)

Early in our camera trapping efforts, we received word that our site was slated for conversion to a shrimp farm. Little did we know that “slated” meant tomorrow.

A new pond is plowed to house shrimp at a fishing cat site in Sam Roi Yod, Thailand. (Photo/Joanna Nasar, CAT in WATER)

We’ve had to move our camera trap almost every day as bulldozers, axes and fire systematically destroy each spot. At one point, a bacco shovel literally waved its clawed hand above Jo’s head as we set up the trap.

Fishing cats are still afoot here, but we can’t leave the camera out.  We are moving to a new area nearby that also exhibits fishing activity. There, we will enjoy some camping under the stars in order to keep an eye on the trap from afar should anyone be tempted to steal it.

tall grasses (Photo, Morgan Heim, CAT in WATER)

Wish us luck!

5 Responses to “A Fishing Cat’s Home: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (PHOTOS)”
  1. Phil says:

    I think you mean “backhoe” not “bacco.” (Sorry it’s just the contractor/landscaper in me that needs to correct.)

  2. azleader says:

    Sadly, today’s report reminds me of the #1 problem facing the world today… its not even hardly given lip service anymore but was hotly debated 40-50 years ago. That problem? OVERPOPULATION!

    There are simply to many humans on planet Earth – 7 billion and growing fast. That trend is unsustainable. Yet the problem is largely ignored these days.

    That is why fishing cat habitat is disappearing at breakneck speeds. 😦

  3. Lee says:

    Phil is correct, it is spelled backhoe. Wow, so you are witnessing the destruction of the fishing cats habitat? It is unfortunate that their areas are being destroyed so quickly. Good luck. I hope you get some great images.

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