Light Up the Night (PHOTOS)

We don’t let darkness stop us from photography fun!  Here are a few of our best flashlight, headlamp and lantern light drawings from our recent camping trip in Sam Roi Yod, Thailand.

What are you waiting for? Night? Yes!

Cat Light Drawing (PHOTO/ Morgan Heim, CATinWATER)

Go, seriously, it will put a bounce in your step.

Cat Light Drawing (PHOTO/ Morgan Heim, CATinWATER)

Here are a few night time light drawing photography tips:

1. Use a Tripod.

2. Pick a pretty background.  Reflective surfaces like water can add a nice element to a shot.

3. Have your subject shine the flashlight towards the camera to give yourself a focus point. AF should pick it right up.

4. If you don’t have a cable release cord handy, set your camera timer to delay taking the shot for a few seconds. This reduces the chance of bumping the camera when pushing the shutter button ,and thus ruining a perfectly awesome photo.

5. Keep moving the flashlight. Holding it in place for too long can had a bright starry spot to the photo or add lens flare.

5. Be creative. Pick different kinds of flashlights with different colored lights. Don’t be afraid to go wild.

Crazy, Wild, Fun (PHOTO/ Morgan Heim, CATinWATER)

6 Responses to “Light Up the Night (PHOTOS)”
  1. Dot G says:

    That’s cool! Seems like you gals have too much time on your hands. …………….. Where are the cats? We want cats!………….. Hope you are successful capturing a glimpse of some soon.

    • catinwater says:

      @DotG and @azleader We want cats too – preferable an entire family leaping out of the tall grasses in unison with some butterflies fluttering in the background!

  2. azleader says:

    When shy cats can’t be found to photograph it sorta makes you like fishing cats out of water… you have to find something else to take pictures of. 😉 😉

    Btw… good light drawing suggestions!

  3. Karen says:

    That is so cool! I’m totally going to try it!

  4. Karen says:

    What’s the best exposure length?? I guess it depends on what you are “drawing?”

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