The fishing cat wants to know. Can you guess what’s in these envelopes?

NEW: Fishing cat mystery answer here.

These rainbow adorned envelopes might look like something out of Carebears, but I assure you, their contents aren’t as sweet….or retro.

What’s inside is very important though, and has to do with fishing cats.

Take your pick of which one you think it is. We’ll tell you tomorrow which one is right, and just why oh why it’s so important for fishing cat conservation.

2 Responses to “The fishing cat wants to know. Can you guess what’s in these envelopes?”
  1. azleader says:

    On two of the envelopes it looks like they are dated 5/12/1954. Is that true, or does it mean something else?

    Which brings up another question… given how much destruction of fishing cat territory is happening right now by being turned into shrimp farms…

    How has loss of fishing cat habitat affected the local population of fishing cats over the years?

  2. Dot G says:

    I’m thinking all of the categories pertain to the important studies of fishing cat habitat and conservation. To what they eat and the quality of water they swim,fish and drink. To what tests on bones from cats long before tell about what they ate to certain chemicals and calcium and proteins. About how the conditions and pollutants have effected them, etc. The fur hairs tell stories too when tested as the growth of the fur it can show everything about what food they ate to pollutants too over time. Of course poo can tell what is going on with food and such in present time.What they are eating for survival. Half eaten something is obvious. So that’s my guess. All of the above. Hope we get to see some cat soon.

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