Saving Asia’s wild elephants in the land of misfit wildlife (WATCH)

At the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand an ex-Special Forces, former fashion designer, towering Dutchman by the name of Edwin Wiek, devotes his life and courage to Thailand’s damaged wildlife, doing what he can to give them a chance at a better life.

We visited Edwin to meet and learn the stories of two fishing cats rescued there. In the process, we heard the stories of a menagerie of animals, including Asian elephants.

The day after our visit we had the honor and life’s dream of seeing elephants in the wild for the first time.

This video is our homage to the elephant, and our good fortune of getting to share a moment with them during our brief lifetime here on planet Earth. Please watch our elephant video and send these Asian elephants your love and blessings by sharing it with everyone you know.

PS – A visit to Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand is well worth your time, whether you’re in Thailand or abroad.

2 Responses to “Saving Asia’s wild elephants in the land of misfit wildlife (WATCH)”
  1. Harry Janssen. says:

    Yust shared this to my WFFT support FB page:

  2. Dot G says:

    Really nice piece, have a safe trip home,Mo and Jo!

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