Fishing cat cubs found

Three fishing cat cubs were found in a sugar field in the Indian city of Karad taluka just before Christmas, according to a report by Daily News and Analysis. The cubs are now under the supervision where they were found, and evidence of a female fishing cat has been spotted in the area.

Let’s hope the cubs and mother can be reunited. Far too often discovered fishing cat cubs are “rescued” only to live a life of confinement as someone’s exotic pet.

We saw this directly while documenting fishing cats in Thailand. A fishing cat, found in a rice field near Khao Sam Roi Yot NP as a cub, has spent 3 years living a small life in a backyard cage, and he is no friendlier for the care. You will hear and see more of that cat’s story as we put together the CAT in WATER documentary.

For now, you can read the whole India fishing cat news story by clicking 3 fishing cat cubs spotted near Karad.

3 Responses to “Fishing cat cubs found”
  1. azleader says:

    I very much look forward to your upcoming documentary.

  2. Jen Dowdy says:

    I am pretty excited to hear you are doing a documentary. In the meantime, I am actually a bit more worried that the cats will end up in a zoo. I am not sure if all Indian zoos are like that, but the conditions of some of them are rather appalling (although it has to be said that none of them I know are involved in anything outright illegal). Of course, if the mother is not found, I hope there is some way that the cats can be cared for so that they can be released back into the wild. As how that will proceed, I am aware that wild cat releases are tricky. It has been successful for clouded leopards but not so much for the larger cats. Anyway, hope the mother is found and will be a good parent to them again!

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