Thailand Fishing Cats and Namfon get their Debut on ABC News (WATCH)

  Our Thailand fishing cats and the remarkable Namfon and her team get their debut on ABC News. This is not by CAT in WATER, but is basically our project in a nutshell. Check it out!

Making Headlines!

We are honored to be featured in the Daily Camera! Here is a little snippet from the article: “Once they finally made it to the marshy area around Sam Roi Yod in Thailand, the signs of the elusive fishing cat were everywhere. There were pawprints. There was scat. There was a section of flattened grass … Continue reading

Get Free Photo Gear from Think Tank

 Just click the pic! We don’t do a lot of product promos on CAT in WATER, but Think Tank has a special place in our hearts. They helped us out big time while working in Thailand, donating a bunch of gear to us that helped keep our cameras safe while we were on the go. … Continue reading

Name a Movie, Save an Endangered Species Contest (WATCH)

Imagine your movie title flashed in lights across film festivals everywhere, forever tied to the legend that is saving the endangered fishing cat! All right amigos, get ready to meet Rip Ear, the baddest fishing cat around. This saucy feline needs just the right introduction, so we’re calling on you to give him his rockstar debut! Here’s how. … Continue reading