Name a Movie, Save an Endangered Species Contest (WATCH)

Imagine your movie title flashed in lights across film festivals everywhere,

forever tied to the legend that is saving the endangered fishing cat!

All right amigos, get ready to meet Rip Ear, the baddest fishing cat around.

This saucy feline needs just the right introduction, so we’re calling on you to give him

his rockstar debut! Here’s how.



Post your best movie titles on the CAT in WATER facebook page.


We’ll pick the finalists for the grand, social media VOTE-OFF. 

Garner the most votes for your favorite title by telling your friends, tweeting the hell out of it, wearing a sandwich board on the sidewalk. Maybe not that last part, but just think of the power in your hands!

And best of all….

Save an Endangered Species.

[YOUR TITLE HERE] will be used to directly raise funds for fishing cat conservation. We’ll reveal a text code during movie credits that audiences just won’t be able to resist. I assure you, it will have nothing to do with the subliminal catnip flashing across the screen.

So whether you’re a fan of saving wildlife, adventures, hope, or just the escapades of two crazy girls in Thailand, send us your movie titles.
Submit by midnight on Monday, April 16. Then we’ll post our selects for the big vote! The winner will also get a signed poster of our best photograph from the trip. Go to FACEBOOK NOW!

This contest is FREE, but don’t let that stop you from feeling an uncontrollable desire to donate some dollars. Jo and I have been volunteering our time and skills on this project. Your generosity would help us complete the film, and it’s tax-deductible! Come on. You know you want to click.

7 Responses to “Name a Movie, Save an Endangered Species Contest (WATCH)”
  1. mimitabby says:

    I have a painting of a fishing cat that you can use as a prize if you want for a good donation.

    But don’t GIVE it away.

  2. mimitabby says:

    PS I went to facebook and liked your page but there was no place (that i could find) to write on your page.
    THE ADVENTURES OF SLASH EAR, a rare fishing cat….

    • catinwater says:

      Thanks Mimi! I think you just have to click on “CAT in WATER” after you like the page, and it takes you to our wall. I didn’t realize that the welcome page didn’t automatically do this though, so will add a second link. I’ll add your entry. And thank you for the offer of a painting as a prize donation. We’d love to do an auction for it or something. That is so kind.

      • mimitabby says:

        I am reposting the fishing cat post on the 6th of April and it will have a link to your facebook page as well. Of course, if the painting sells, the proceeds go to you guys anyway!

  3. So far so GREAT! Can’t wait to see more 🙂

  4. Dot G says:

    ” PAW PRINTS” The elusive Fishing Cats

    That’s my suggestion for Movie title. I’ll think up some more.

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