Making Headlines!

We are honored to be featured in the Daily Camera! Here is a little snippet from the article:

“Once they finally made it to the marshy area around Sam Roi Yod in Thailand, the signs of the elusive fishing cat were everywhere.

There were pawprints. There was scat. There was a section of flattened grass where the cat had likely slept. And then there were all the reports from the villagers. (They’d just seen it. Or, it had just killed a prized chicken.)

But the fuzzy nocturnal creature that’s known for hunting for fish with its front paws in shallow waters lived up to its enigmatic reputation.

So Boulder residents Joanna Nasar and Morgan Heim — both alumni of the University of Colorado’s Center for Environmental Journalism — went to work trying to capture the animal on film, even when no one was around. “

Read the full article by environmental journalist Laura Snider online at:!

2 Responses to “Making Headlines!”
  1. mimitabby says:

    wonderful!! Word is getting out. I am so proud of you two.

    Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

  2. Tara says:

    Izilwane ( loves your work. Keep it up. We’ll keep helping you out too!

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