Baby fishing cat sighting! [PHOTO]

A juvenile fishing cat investigates one of Namfon's traps set up to help with collaring.

A juvenile fishing cat investigates one of Namfon’s traps set up to help with collaring.

Last night Namfon clicked on one of their camera trap videos only to find a juvenile fishing cat hot on the scene. The little guy was bold and curious as he checked out the trap Namfon plans on using to radio collar cats. At one point in the video he rubs up against the cage on one side and taps at the water in front of the opening. After giving the cage a few good sniffs and peaks, he turns, looking off to the side (presumably at mom), before returning to her just off camera. Seeing a baby is incredibly rare, and even though we didn’t see her on camera, indicates there’s a female in the area. So far in the tracking, Namfon’s team has found 9 individuals, mostly male, so the news of a baby and female is huge. If the team traps the juvenile, they will not collar it, but hope to give it a good health check before letting it go.


This cat was found on a fish farm in Sam Roi Yod, Thailand. Namfon will show these images to the farm owners, and ask them to name the cat. The hope is by naming the cats on their land, people will form more of an attachment to the fishing cat, and gain a sense of responsibility for its well-being.

2 Responses to “Baby fishing cat sighting! [PHOTO]”
  1. Dorothy says:

    Wow, that’s really great to see a young cat. It means there’s hope if they can be more protected and left to live peacefully in their natural habitat . Survival is possible. You must be so excited to see one there where you set up a camera and cage. Good luck!

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