Field Day 7: Endangered baby fishing cat caught on film fishing in the wild! [VIDEO]

On July 2, 2013, researchers from the Fishing Cat Research and Conservation Project in Thailand captured unprecedented video of a young wild fishing cat fishing. They set up this video trap after several nights of cats raiding fish traps of local farmers. You can see at about one minute in a fish pokes its head up out of the water as the fishing cat reaches a paw, and then dips its head back down into the water as the cat taps again.

To get the amazing footage, Namfon and her team modified a pond that was already in use by the cats in order to encourage them to fish in front of her cameras.Two different fishing cats visited this pond that night.

In the coming days, we hope to film even more exciting video of the cats going after their prey of choice, perhaps with more splashing involved. 

Endangered Baby Fishing Cat Fishes in the Wild from Morgan Heim on Vimeo.

2 Responses to “Field Day 7: Endangered baby fishing cat caught on film fishing in the wild! [VIDEO]”
  1. Dorothy says:

    That’s so cool to see, the cat almost looks like my Dew. You are having a really successful time viewing several cats. Do you think local farmers and people are seeing these cats with a new respect for them? Does it seem as though there are more new cats surviving and adapting to changes in their habitat? This trip seems to be more able to find and document cats doing what they do to live in the wild. Nice video and great work to all involved there with this project. Hope the rain lets up. The sounds of frogs and life was neat too.

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