Field Day 13: She is why our work matters. [PHOTOS]

Meet May. She’s Ruj’s (Namfon’s research assistant on the Fishing Cat Research and Conservation Project) daughter. May is smart, beautiful and she loves fishing cats. She is holding a photo of “Rip Ear.” Rip Ear is tough. He’s also smart, and he sure knows how to strike a pose.

May’s friends also love fishing cats. And their parents are starting to like fishing cats. At least that’s part of the idea. All in all, youth from May-size up to high school are helping with Namfon’s research and giving fishing cats a fighting chance here in Sam Roi Yod, Thailand.

I’m proud to call May my friend. I think she wants more of you to be friends with fishing cats. Don’t you think she’s on to something?

2 Responses to “Field Day 13: She is why our work matters. [PHOTOS]”
  1. Dorothy says:

    Hi May, I’m Morgan’s Mom. You are doing a really good job to help such an endangered beautiful animal to hopefully survive in the world. They are there where you live for a reason that maybe human beings don’t understand. You are very lucky to live in a place where such beautiful and rare cats live too. We need to respect them just as we respect each other. We can learn to live in harmony with special creatures and still make our way to survive as well. Great work, enjoy what you are doing with helping Namfon and Ruj and the fishing cats. Dorothy ; )

  2. Dorothy says:

    A true fishing cat ambassador, and a very cute one at that! Surely many others will help the conservation effort after seeing such a wonderful youth helper.

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