Fishing Cats & the Foolish Girl’s Guide to Success, TEDx [VIDEO]



Fishing cats hit the ski slopes last December when Mo had the honor of presenting at TEDx Vail Women. The opportunity raised a special challenge because the point of TEDx is to come up with a big idea that anyone could relate to regardless of interest in fishing cats or conservation.

The more Mo thought about it, the more she realized that a huge part of CAT in WATER’s existence lay rooted in the fact that we have no problem embracing a little foolishness when it comes to our dreams. And that’s something we encourage all of you to do. What do you think?




What good things has foolishness allowed you to do? Post in the comments below.


You can also check out our fellow TEDx Vail presenters by following these links. Their ideas are nothing short of breathtaking and inspiring.

Cristina Mittermeier, Conservation Photographer

Enoughness – A great watch that will help you feel a little more fulfilled in life, and you get to look at some absolutely stunning imagery.

Dr. Susan Canney, Conservation Biologist 

Punch Above Your Weight – Mali Elephant Conservation – How conservation work formed in collaboration with local communities can make a lasting difference, even in a war zone.

Asher Jay, Artist

I Art as I Act, I Act as I Art – How one talented young woman uses her knowledge of fashion and design to create art and consumer products that are reaching beyond the choir to help save wildlife.


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