Field Day 10: 360 Animation of a Fishing Cat Skull [VIDEO]

The sky tried to drown us today. As we drove out to set our traps, I pointed to the slate grey clouds boiling in the skies above, and exclaimed, “Phahn ha” (Should we worry?). Ruj was convinced we could set one trap before the curtain of rain and lightning descended. We made it less than … Continue reading

Name a Movie, Save an Endangered Species Contest (WATCH)

Imagine your movie title flashed in lights across film festivals everywhere, forever tied to the legend that is saving the endangered fishing cat! All right amigos, get ready to meet Rip Ear, the baddest fishing cat around. This saucy feline needs just the right introduction, so we’re calling on you to give him his rockstar debut! Here’s how. … Continue reading

Tiger Bath

I am standing 20 feet away from a magnificent tiger named Meow.  Meow is breathtakingly beautiful, like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Meow is calm, he seems to know that these people are here to help him. I look Meow straight in the eye, and Meow blinks his yellow eyes and looks at me. Then I ask: … Continue reading

Fishing Cat Mystery Question: And the answer is….(PHOTOS)

Caption: Photo of a wild fishing cat taking a poo. Used with permission from Ruj, research assistant on the Fishing Cat Research and Conservation Project. POOP! Poo, or scat as it’s referred to by any self-respecting scientist, can tell us a lot about a fishing cat, and it’s featured prominently throughout the CAT in WATER project. … Continue reading