Field Day 10: 360 Animation of a Fishing Cat Skull [VIDEO]

The sky tried to drown us today. As we drove out to set our traps, I pointed to the slate grey clouds boiling in the skies above, and exclaimed, “Phahn ha” (Should we worry?). Ruj was convinced we could set one trap before the curtain of rain and lightning descended. We made it less than … Continue reading

Field Day 9: Seeing spots. We caught our third fishing cat. Meet “Mountain.” [PHOTOS]

Can you guess who these spots belong too? If you said fishing cat, you’re of course right. Today, we caught our third fishing cat. His name is Kee Ree, meaning “mountain” in Thai (make sure you draw out the syllables, or else you’ll just be telling him he’s “filthy”). Kee Ree was an absolute sweetie pie, … Continue reading

Field Day 8: Shrimp. Are you sure you want to eat that? [PHOTOS]

For anyone whose been following CAT in WATER, you’ve probably heard us talk about shrimp farming before. Thai shrimp constitutes the single largest import of shrimp to U.S. markets (more than 35%). So if you’ve got shrimp in your freezer, there’s a pretty good chance it comes from Thailand. Shrimp farming is also the number … Continue reading

Field Day 7: Endangered baby fishing cat caught on film fishing in the wild! [VIDEO]

On July 2, 2013, researchers from the Fishing Cat Research and Conservation Project in Thailand captured unprecedented video of a young wild fishing cat fishing. They set up this video trap after several nights of cats raiding fish traps of local farmers. You can see at about one minute in a fish pokes its head … Continue reading