Five Amazing Moments From Fishing Cat Country Today [PHOTOS]

Dusky langurs shelter from the heat in mangrove forest at the Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park visitor’s center. They are just about the sweetest animals you could hope to meet.  

New Bird Species Sighted at Sam Roi Yod (PHOTOS)

“Pelican?!” I yell, and Ruj slams on the breaks of his truck. He cranes his neck, and sure enough, the disinctive clumsied shape of a flying pelican sweeps across the sky. Ruj’s eyes grow wide. “New!” he exclaims, and guns the truck. Jo and I scream and fall sideways as we start careening down the … Continue reading

CAT in WATER has a flickr stream!

Wild Wonders, a set on Flickr. Everybody loves photos, and we’ve set up a CAT in WATER flickr stream on our blog. Our first set is from Mo’s recent visit to the WILD WONDERS Outdoor Theater at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Washington. The home of Sushi the fishing cat! You might remember … Continue reading