Baby fishing cat sighting! [PHOTO]

Last night Namfon clicked on one of their camera trap videos only to find a juvenile fishing cat hot on the scene. The little guy was bold and curious as he checked out the trap Namfon plans on using to radio collar cats. At one point in the video he rubs up against the cage … Continue reading

A True Friend of the Fishing Cat (Special Guest Post by @MrGuilt)

One of the best parts of working on CAT in WATER is engaging with the active conservation minded community that participates in conversations about the species by leaving comments on our blog, and tweeting back and forth with us on Twitter.  @MrGuilt, AKA Charles Barilleaux, was one of our first @CATinWATER Twitter followers, and it … Continue reading

Wild fishing cat video, Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park Thailand

What better way to come back from a bit of a hiatus than to this video of wild fishing cats captured in Thailand’s Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park? Biologist Passanan Namfon Cutter put together this little montage of fishing cat activity for all of us to see. She captured the frolicking critters on night … Continue reading

The fishing cat girls are on vacation

You may have noticed our radio silence the past couple weeks. We’ve both been on the road and out of contact much of the trip. Don’t worry though. Fishing cats are still very much on our minds, and we’ll have lots of goodies for you when we return, July 1. Mo even got to visit … Continue reading