Field Day 10: 360 Animation of a Fishing Cat Skull [VIDEO]

The sky tried to drown us today. As we drove out to set our traps, I pointed to the slate grey clouds boiling in the skies above, and exclaimed, “Phahn ha” (Should we worry?). Ruj was convinced we could set one trap before the curtain of rain and lightning descended. We made it less than … Continue reading

The fishing cat wants to swim. Pass it on! (PHOTOS)

Sob stories about endangered species are so 2011. So instead we’re sending you a tale about a CAT in WATER. A story about how community, photos and film are giving an endangered animal, the aptly named fishing cat, a chance at survival.    Around this time last year, my friend Joanna Nasar, and I decided … Continue reading

Holga Accomplished!

Thanks to all those who participated in our Holga photo series promo! Each of our recipients will get a five photo series named after them. We’ll send them the negatives along with our favorite print from the bunch once we get back from the expedition. We look forward to some happy Thailand travel snapping and … Continue reading