Field Day 6: OK, so you want to see a fishing cat fish? [VIDEO]

Well, you have to wait a little bit longer, but you can see how we’re planning on capturing just what it looks like when a fishing cat goes after its favorite prey. We’ve had several nights of fishing cats raiding the traps of some friendly fish farmers, and now they’re helping us try to catch … Continue reading

A Fishing Cat’s Home: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (PHOTOS)

Early in our camera trapping efforts, we received word that our site was slated for conversion to a shrimp farm. Little did we know that “slated” meant tomorrow. We’ve had to move our camera trap almost every day as bulldozers, axes and fire systematically destroy each spot. At one point, a bacco shovel literally waved … Continue reading

Fishing Cats are Afoot (PHOTOS)

11/17/11 – Namfon woke us with a sturdy knock and bearing two cups of organic coffee at 6 a.m. The early rise was worth it. Our first full day here, and camera traps belonging to the researchers reveal a fishing cat visitor! Our fisherman friend Lun Ow (Uncle Ow) greeted us at the research site … Continue reading