Field Day 7: Endangered baby fishing cat caught on film fishing in the wild! [VIDEO]

On July 2, 2013, researchers from the Fishing Cat Research and Conservation Project in Thailand captured unprecedented video of a young wild fishing cat fishing. They set up this video trap after several nights of cats raiding fish traps of local farmers. You can see at about one minute in a fish pokes its head … Continue reading

Field Day 6: OK, so you want to see a fishing cat fish? [VIDEO]

Well, you have to wait a little bit longer, but you can see how we’re planning on capturing just what it looks like when a fishing cat goes after its favorite prey. We’ve had several nights of fishing cats raiding the traps of some friendly fish farmers, and now they’re helping us try to catch … Continue reading

Where the fishing cats weren’t, and sometimes were. (PHOTOS)

Oh camera trap. You are a high maintenance techno diva trying to photograph a cat that seems smarter than the photographer. You take an hour to get sorted. You have to find your angle and the lighting mustn’t be off, not even by the slightest. What’s that? Flash three doesn’t want to talk to flash … Continue reading