Fishing Cats & the Foolish Girl’s Guide to Success, TEDx [VIDEO]

    Fishing cats hit the ski slopes last December when Mo had the honor of presenting at TEDx Vail Women. The opportunity raised a special challenge because the point of TEDx is to come up with a big idea that anyone could relate to regardless of interest in fishing cats or conservation. The more … Continue reading

Field Day 12: Climbing High for Thai Shrimp Farming. [PHOTOS]

Sometimes we can’t get everything we’re after while in the field. Take for instance, a dream to moto paraglide over fishing cat country to get an overall view of what’s going on here. You can see why I’d want to give it a go looking at Namfon Cutter’s kickass photo from a past flight. Thank … Continue reading

Snakes, rat-borne disease, mosquito clouds, more snakes

Last night Joanna and I finally got to speak with Ms. Namfon Cutter, the extraordinary scientist running an all-out multi-pronged research and community outreach endeavor to save the fishing cat in Thailand. We are more excited than ever to go, but we learned a few things that simultaneously fascinated and horrified. Namely there are snakes, … Continue reading

CAT in WATER surpasses $2,000 on day 4!

Thank you to everyone who has supported our project so far.   CAT in WATER is already leaps and bounds closer to sending you an unprecedented look at the life of the fishing cat. Each pledge warms our hearts and brings hope for this endangered species. It would be a shame for fishing cats to … Continue reading