Field Day 12: Climbing High for Thai Shrimp Farming. [PHOTOS]

Sometimes we can’t get everything we’re after while in the field. Take for instance, a dream to moto paraglide over fishing cat country to get an overall view of what’s going on here. You can see why I’d want to give it a go looking at Namfon Cutter’s kickass photo from a past flight. Thank … Continue reading

Making Headlines!

We are honored to be featured in the Daily Camera! Here is a little snippet from the article: “Once they finally made it to the marshy area around Sam Roi Yod in Thailand, the signs of the elusive fishing cat were everywhere. There were pawprints. There was scat. There was a section of flattened grass … Continue reading

A True Friend of the Fishing Cat (Special Guest Post by @MrGuilt)

One of the best parts of working on CAT in WATER is engaging with the active conservation minded community that participates in conversations about the species by leaving comments on our blog, and tweeting back and forth with us on Twitter.  @MrGuilt, AKA Charles Barilleaux, was one of our first @CATinWATER Twitter followers, and it … Continue reading

Fishing Cat Landscape Slideshow (PHOTOS)

Each day we tromp through fields of high grasses and morning glory covered landscapes to set up Mo’s camera trap and search for evidence of fishing cats. One day after we found fresh fishing cat prints from a mother and a kitten living in the area, bulldozers moved in scraped up the earth in preparation … Continue reading