Field Day 13: She is why our work matters. [PHOTOS]

Namfon Cutter Sends New Photos from Fishing Cat Land

Namfon is on the trail of the fishing cat again. She gave us special permission to post some of her latest photos, so you can follow the clues of the fishing cat too. One exciting bit of news, she’s found evidence of a new baby fishing cat in the area! Jo and I are busy … Continue reading

Thailand Fishing Cats and Namfon get their Debut on ABC News (WATCH)

  Our Thailand fishing cats and the remarkable Namfon and her team get their debut on ABC News. This is not by CAT in WATER, but is basically our project in a nutshell. Check it out!

Fishing Cat CSI: A Chicken Who dunnit

The invader sneaks into the chicken coop in the stealth of night. As hens snooze, occasional cooing sounds escape from scattered perches as they dream of pecking at the ground. Little do the birds suspect an outside presence until one disappears in a frenzy of feathers and panicked clucking. Anyone who’s raised chickens can attest … Continue reading