Field Day 12: Climbing High for Thai Shrimp Farming. [PHOTOS]

Sometimes we can’t get everything we’re after while in the field. Take for instance, a dream to moto paraglide over fishing cat country to get an overall view of what’s going on here. You can see why I’d want to give it a go looking at Namfon Cutter’s kickass photo from a past flight. Thank … Continue reading

Field Day 8: Shrimp. Are you sure you want to eat that? [PHOTOS]

For anyone whose been following CAT in WATER, you’ve probably heard us talk about shrimp farming before. Thai shrimp constitutes the single largest import of shrimp to U.S. markets (more than 35%). So if you’ve got shrimp in your freezer, there’s a pretty good chance it comes from Thailand. Shrimp farming is also the number … Continue reading

Welcome to the Wetlands Video (WATCH)

Lily Pads Underwater (PHOTO/Morgan Heim, CAT in WATER)

The wetlands of Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park are home to many species of unique birds, fish, mammals and plants. Thai locals set fish traps in the mucky waters and even eat the white seeds of the lotus flower plants that grow in these nutrient rich waters. The fishing cat hunts for prey and … Continue reading

Fishing Cat Landscape Slideshow (PHOTOS)

Each day we tromp through fields of high grasses and morning glory covered landscapes to set up Mo’s camera trap and search for evidence of fishing cats. One day after we found fresh fishing cat prints from a mother and a kitten living in the area, bulldozers moved in scraped up the earth in preparation … Continue reading