Field Day 9: Seeing spots. We caught our third fishing cat. Meet “Mountain.” [PHOTOS]

Can you guess who these spots belong too? If you said fishing cat, you’re of course right. Today, we caught our third fishing cat. His name is Kee Ree, meaning “mountain” in Thai (make sure you draw out the syllables, or else you’ll just be telling him he’s “filthy”). Kee Ree was an absolute sweetie pie, … Continue reading

Field Day 4: Today, the children learn, then look for fishing cats. [PHOTOS]

Radio tracking is hardcore business. You have to monitor the cat every three hours, day or night, rain or shine. And these collars are designed to last for a year. Unless you want to develop a serious case of the crazies, that’s when it’s helpful to enlist some extra help, in this case, a few … Continue reading