Field Day 13: She is why our work matters. [PHOTOS]

Field Day 12: Climbing High for Thai Shrimp Farming. [PHOTOS]

Sometimes we can’t get everything we’re after while in the field. Take for instance, a dream to moto paraglide over fishing cat country to get an overall view of what’s going on here. You can see why I’d want to give it a go looking at Namfon Cutter’s kickass photo from a past flight. Thank … Continue reading

Field Day 9: Seeing spots. We caught our third fishing cat. Meet “Mountain.” [PHOTOS]

Can you guess who these spots belong too? If you said fishing cat, you’re of course right. Today, we caught our third fishing cat. His name is Kee Ree, meaning “mountain” in Thai (make sure you draw out the syllables, or else you’ll just be telling him he’s “filthy”). Kee Ree was an absolute sweetie pie, … Continue reading