Field Day 9: Seeing spots. We caught our third fishing cat. Meet “Mountain.” [PHOTOS]

Can you guess who these spots belong too? If you said fishing cat, you’re of course right. Today, we caught our third fishing cat. His name is Kee Ree, meaning “mountain” in Thai (make sure you draw out the syllables, or else you’ll just be telling him he’s “filthy”). Kee Ree was an absolute sweetie pie, … Continue reading

Namfon Cutter Sends New Photos from Fishing Cat Land

Namfon is on the trail of the fishing cat again. She gave us special permission to post some of her latest photos, so you can follow the clues of the fishing cat too. One exciting bit of news, she’s found evidence of a new baby fishing cat in the area! Jo and I are busy … Continue reading

The Lucky Girls

With most rumors or urban legends it is impossible to know where they originated, but with this rumor the source was clear – Uncle Al.  Lou Al A.K.A. Hercules is the weathered and kindhearted fisherman with a twinkle in his eye that befriended us and won the lottery the day Mo and I arrived.  It … Continue reading